Thursday, November 1, 2007

Buffett Interview Video Clips

Here are lot's of video clips from Buffett's recent interviews and forays in Asia

Warren Buffett and NBC's Tom Brokaw: The Complete Interview

The Tom Brokaw piece on NBC Nightly News Monday night highlighting Warren Buffett's call for a higher tax rate on very wealthy Americans includes an excerpt from a sit-down interview with Buffett.

Buffett's Conference Press Conference in Daegu (South Korea) (Thanks to Lee, Jung Won)

Part 1http://www.tagstory .com/video/ video_post. aspx?media_ id=V000108589

Part 2http://www.tagstory .com/video/ video_post. aspx?media_ id=V000108606

Part 3http://www.tagstory .com/video/ video_post. aspx?media_ id=V000108630

G - (4 min video) Warren Buffett Sees "Fairly Significant" Chance U.S. Going Into Recession http://www.cnbc. com/id/21530734

G (4 min video) Becky Quick's High Flying Interview with Warren Buffett About China http://www.cnbc. com/id/21526203

(2 min video) Cheeseburgers in China http://www.cnbc. com/id/21527178

(3 min video) Is China's Stock Market a "Bubble?" http://www.cnbc. com/id/21527748

More CNBC Coverage(1 min video) Warm Welcome in China

(3 min video) Speed Building a Factory in China http://www.cnbc. com/id/21470503

(1 min video) Why Warren Buffett Thinks Korean Stocks Look Good

(3 min video) Why Warren Buffett Likes "Boring" TaeguTec

(5min video) Why Warren Buffett Made the Long Trip to Asia

(3 min video) What's in Warren Buffett's Wallet?http://www.cnbc. com/id/21528623

(3 min video) Warren Buffett on Value Investing, Repackaging Toads, Google and Investing in North Korea http://www.cnbc. com/id/21529525